Installing the 4medica Remote Print Agent

The 4medica Remote Print Agent is a program which runs on your computer and listens for incoming print jobs that are sent from the 4medica Print Service.

Staging Version Downloads

The following downloads are for the Staging version of the 4medica Remote Print Agent, and are for testing purposes only.

If you are looking for the production version, please visit the production 4medica Print Service.

Download for Windows

4medica Remote Print Agent for Windows

14.63MB .exe installer for Microsoft Windows operating systems

Supports 32bit and 64bit Windows 10.

Download for macOS

4medica Remote Print Agent for macOS

28.4MB .dmg for OSX

Supports Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion.

Install the Agent

Once you've downloaded the agent, install it as you would any other application (detailed instructions are available for Windows or macOS). The agent starts automatically when you login to your computer. For the 4medica Print Service to work, you'll need to keep the agent and computer running and connected to the Internet.

Login to the 4medica Remote Print Agent

Once you've installed the agent and started it up, you can login to the 4medica Remote Print Agent with your Agent account. The account should start with PMGR# (eg. PMGR#J50708).

If you don't know your PMGR account number or password, please contact our Support Team by email or by calling (866) 998-4440.